Black Rock Cap White Patch

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Made in China




One size fits all (universal)

Material: (Made in China)
100% Recycled Polyester
Five plastic bottles = Black Rock Cap

Care Instructions:

Hand wash only


The Black Rock incorporates the classic baseball cap mould. Throughout the 20th and early 21st century, the baseball cap has remained steadfast in the face of great conflicts, societal shifts and historical events. This cap is a centrepiece in your wardrobe that remains as constant as a black rock deflecting wild waves crashing into the shore. Its versatility makes it an accessory for every occasion. Its timeless design gives it the ability to outlast cyclical fashion trends. Finally, it will protect and serve you for as long as you deem necessary. Made from five (5) plastic bottles.

The Black Rock by Tri Colour Federation turns a global disaster into a stylistic remaster.