Tri Colour Federation is proud to collaborate with ISKO™ denim. This convergence of ideas, core values and action propels problems of today into the successes of tomorrow. 

As the only denim mill in the world to be awarded the Nordic Eco label, ISKO™ are a global leader and benchmark in sustainable textiles and manufacturing. The Nordic Ecolabel evaluates a product’s total lifecycle from raw material to waste/recycling, taking into account environmental problems in each part of the supply chain.

This achievement came through ISKO™’s fulfillment of strict requirements for sustainable fibers, for chemicals used in every stage of production and caring for social and environmental impacts. 

Denim Compound: 

Our jeans use unique denim that is an article in ISKO’s Earth Fit range. This denim is comprised of organic cotton (87.55%), recycled polyester from PET bottles (8.46%) and elastane (3.99%).  

Product Innovation: 

Sustainability is inherent in ISKO™ DNA. Take for example ISKO Reform™ stretch technology.

+With outstanding fabric recovery, jeans retain shape wear after wear. This technology means consumers wash their jeans less, thus saving on water.

+According to a leading denim brand’s lifecycle analysis of a jean, 23% of the water consumption throughout the life of a jean happens during consumer care.

+ISKO Reform™ technology eliminates the need to frequently wash the jeans for shape retention reducing water and chemical detergent consumption during home laundry.

Process Innovation:

Save water, wear ISKO™. Saving water and energy is part of ISKO’s daily process.

+A filtration and treatment plant cleans the water used in the manufacturing process, recycling it for other industrial uses.

+New finishing technologies minimize water consumption, saving 280,000 tons in 2016.

+Automation systems installed in the weaving halls saved over 1,4 million kwh of energy annually and reduced carbon emissions by 900 tons per year.

+Heat and steam generated during the production cycle are captured and re-used, minimizing energy consumption. This resulted in 86,000 kwh of energy savings annually while reducing carbon emissions by 56 tons/year. 

Collectively, we can all be part of this new wave. A federated wave of colour that will cleanse the polluted shores one set at a time. The Tri Colour Federation.