New organic Summer 2018-19 Range by TRi COLOUR FEDERATiON

Tri Colour Federation enters a new domain for the 2018-2019 Summer season with an innovative range of men's  and women's organic eco friendly apparel. This season, we are taking the market by storm with vegetable dyed denim skirts, shorts and jeans all designed and manufactured in Melbourne. 

The hottest Tie Dye: Tiger Shark

This Summer, we drew inspiration from the apex predator, the Tiger Shark. Using a vegetable tie dye, we created a unique wash for our women's skirts, high waisted jeans and shorts. This limited edition run is also available across the men's line which includes mid rise jeans and shorts. Get yours today for a new look this Summer.

Summer Khaki: Terra

We took the vegetable dye process a step further and blended an in house khaki military green wash which we have called Terra. This colour swatch spans across the entire range of men's and women's apparel so guys, swap out those old chino's for the latest look in khaki denim. And to the ladies, you already know what to do ;) . 

White denim: Bondi White

No Summer can be complete without a pair of white denim jeans whether you are male, female or somewhere in the middle. Style these pieces up or down for the formal or social Summer occasion. Bondi white is available with our skirts, shorts and jeans so be sure to pick some up to compliment your tropical wardrobe.

Midnight Blues: Manhattan and Pacific Blue

Tri Colour Federation enters into the indigo blue jean market with two variables. The Manhattan comes complete with a white leather patch and white stitching. The Pacific blue is fitted with a black leather patch and yellow stitching. Check out our range for shorts, "jeans and skirts, it all works." (Notorious B.I.G. 2006, Nasty Girl)

If you want the most sustainable denim on the market this Summer, shop at Tri Colour Federation for designer pieces that are responsibly made in Melbourne.